Khufu Life

Khufu was one of the most famous Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. He was the son of Sneferu and Queen Hetepheres. Different with his father, Khufu is retrieved as a cruel and ruthless pharaoh in later folklore. Khufu had 9 sons, one of whom, Djedefra, was his next successor. He as well had fifteen daughters, one of whom would later got Queen Hetepheres II.

Khufu descended to his throne in his twenties, and ruled for about 23 years, which is the number imputed to him by the Turin Kings List. Other important sources from much later periods propose a significantly longer reign: Manetho holds him a reign of 63 years, and Herodotus states that he ruled 50 years. Since 2000, two dates have been discovered from his rule. An dedication containing his highest regnal year, the "Year of the seventeenth Count of Khufu", first referred by Flinders Petrie in an 1883 book and then missing to historians, was rediscovered by Zahi Hawass in 2001 in one of the saving chambers within this king's pyramid. Second, in 2003, the "Year after the thirteenth cattle count" of Khufu was determined on a rock dedication at the Dakhla Oasis in the Sahara. See this photo which holds Khufu's name enclosed in a serekh and the identical date. He begun building his pyramid at Giza, the first to be constructed there. Based on inscriptional prove, it is also probably that he led military expeditions into the Libya, Sinai and Nubia.

The Westcar Papyrus, which was wrote well after his rule during the Middle Kingdom or later, describes the pharaoh being told magical stories by his sons Khafra and Djedefra. This story cycle renders Khufu as mean and cruel, and as being finally frustrated in his efforts to ensure that his dynasty survives past his 2 sons. Whether anything in this tale cycle is based on fact is obscure, but Khufu's negative reputation endured at least until the time of Herodotus, who was told further tales of that king's cruelty to his people and to his own family in order to determine the construction of his pyramid at Giza. What is known for certain is that his funerary cult endured until the 26th Dynasty, which was one of the close native Egyptian royal dynasties, nearly 2000 years after his death.

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