King Sneferka

King Sneferka reign continued from 2859 to 2857

This fugacious pharaoh belongs to the very end of the first dynasty, a period that apparently was a time of some instability in society. His name is only certified twice - both from finds in Saqqara.

One is a break up of schist (picture right) found by British archaeologist Walter Emery in the dust at the escarpment north of King Djoser's funeral complex, when he was digging mastabas from the first dynasty.

The serek (to the right) contains the 3 hieroglyphs making up the king's name, but in a slightly dissimilar order than in the other persist from his existence - a stone vessel ascertained under the pyramid of king Djoser and published by Egyptologist Kaplony in MDAIK in 1988.

His name isn't recorded in any of the kings lists made on the further 2.500 years the Egyptian state should exist. This can average that he was a credibly unknown to later coevalses due to the fact that his rule was a very short and insignificant one and the remains were very few. That's the reason why his position (together with king Bird above) can't be established with sure thing

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