Nitocris isn't attested by any present-day source: no fiats, no constructing projects and not even a refer in some highly positioned official's biography. She is, even so, referred in the Turin King-list, by the Greek traveller Herodotos and by Manetho, which may so confirm her being.

Agreeing to Manetho, Nitocris built the "3rd pyramid". It is generally acquired that he meant the 3rd pyramid of Giza, which has been constructed by Mykerinos. He may have bedevilled the name of Mykerinos (Men-kaw-re) with Nitocris' likely prenomen, Men-ka-re, which is referred in a few of the king-lists.

Still agreeing to Manetho, Nitocris has concern power when her brother was dispatched. She took it upon herself to have her brother's murderers penalised.

Identical little is known around Queen Nitokris (Egyptian: Neitkrety or Nitokerti) but historical facts distinctly state her call as a pharaoh, one of 3 in the Egyptian 3000-year history - one in every millennium.

The Turin Papyrus puts her (as Nitokerti) after Pepi II and maybe Merenre II and an obscure pharaoh towards the end of the sixth dynasty. She has attended history in a romanticized way due to tales said by Greek historians. Manetho writes that she came after her brother on the throne after that he had been slain. She took avenge on the murderers by bidding them to a banquet and so let in the water from the River Nile by a secret vast pipeline and overwhelmed them like rats.

After this she come across a room full with coals and fried herself to death besides meet the vengeance of the others of the murder confederacy.

The historical tales could have a few fragmentises of truth though the stories haven't been historically verified also the king lists made thousand years later. Her name inside a cartouche can be assured above right as it's demoed in the Abydos list.

The brother of hers who was assassinated and whom she came after could have been Merenre II who must have had a very little reign.

She can't be described by remains of any historical pharaoh, merely there are a few dedications that indicate that pharaoh with a strikingly alike name - Neterkare, may have subsisted on the dusky fall of the sixth dynasty.

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