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Tomb of Mahu (Tomb 9)

Tomb of Mahu
Mahu was a police official of the 18th Dynasty. He  served  Akhenaten (1353-1335  B.C.E.)  as  a  air force officer  of  police  at  Amarna, the  capital  of  the  reign. Mahu  may  have  been  one  of  the  Medjay, the  Nubians who helped as soldiers of fortune, ferocious warriors in battle, and as police in the countries capital and in major Egyptian cities.

His tomb at the southern Amarna necropolis situation  was  contrived  with a roughly  cut  cruciform  chapel with two sepulture tools. Some paintings in this tomb have went.

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Tomb of Meryra II (Tomb 2)

Inside the Tomb of Meryra II
The Tomb of Merya II is the royal sepulcher of the Ancient Egyptian amazing Meryre II. Famous as Amarna Tomb 2, it is placed in the northern side of the wadi that parts the cluster of tombs known jointly as the Northern tombs, near to the metropolis of Amarna, in Egypt. The tomb is mostly destroyed. It was decorated with the last dated visual aspect of Akhenaten and the Amarna family, going out from the second month, year 12 of his rule.

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Tomb of Huya (Tomb 1)

Inside the Tomb of Huya
Huya was the keeper of Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye, and relief scenes to the right and left of the charm to his tomb present Tiye eating with her son and his home. On the right bulwark of this columnar outer chamber, Akhenaten is shown taking his mother to a little temple he has made for her and, on the left surround, sitting in a admitting chairman with Nefertiti.

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