Khufu Facts and Death

Khufu was Born in c. 2620 BC
Khufu Birthplace in Egypt
Khufu died in c. 2566 BC
Egypt was the place where Khufu died
The reason of Khufu death is unspecified
Khufu Rests: His mummy which hidden and undiscovered tell now
His grammatical gender (Male)
Religious Belief (Old religion)
His race: Egyptian citizen
Khufu occupation (one of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt)
The nationality of Khufu: Egypt
The summary: Famous Egyptian pharaoh died and buried in Egypt in the great pyramid at Giza

His Father was Pharaoh Sneferu (2613-2589 B.C.)
His Mother was Queen Hetepheres (Unknown information about her)
Khufu Wife (Queen Meretites)
Khufu Sons[Djedefra (heir Pharaoh, joined with queen Hetepheres II - Pharaoh Khafre - Kawab (joined with queen Hetepheres II)]
Khufu Daughters [Hetepheres II who married her brothers Djedefra and Kawab]

After Khufu Deith:

He told the building of his magnificent tomb, the Great Pyramid at Giza (Necropolis near the modern Cairo). The Pyramid comprises of about 2.4 million rocks, with individual stones averaging about 2 and a half tons each, carried up to 500 miles to the work point. Construction is thought to have taken about 20 years, with a workforce figured as high as 300,000, all supervised by Khufu's nephew, Hemiunu, who may have been the Pyramid's designer. It is unsure whether these workers were slaves, as there is some prove that at least some of them taken a nominal pay. At its closing Khufu's great Pyramid was the greatest man-made building on Earth, every side evaluating more than 75,000 feet in distance. It is the last of the basic Seven Wonders of the World still resisting. The internal chamber where Khufu was buried has been discovered and explored by archaeologists, but his rests have never been determined.

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