Grand Gilded Sphinx Statue Atop a Egyptian Plinth
Grand Gilded Sphinx Statue atop a Egyptian Plinth

The Spirit of Tutankhamen: Egyptian Oval Mirror Wall Sculpture
The Spirit of Tutankhamen: Egyptian Oval Mirror Wall Sculpture

Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp - Set of Two
Egyptian Torch Offering Table Lamp - Set of Two

Temple of Luxor: Grand-Scale Egyptian Urn Statue
Temple of Luxor: Grand-Scale Egyptian Urn Statue

Wings of Isis Egyptian Revival Sculptural ClockTemple of Luxor: Grand-Scale Egyptian Urn Statue

Amenemhet II (Nubkaure) 1929–1895

Amenemhet II was the third pharaoh of the dynasty 12. He was the son of king Sesostris I. His reign was a secure period in the ancient Egypt history although he ruled for along time about 34 years. The source for his reign is very limited. We can say that he continued in his father's efforts in foreign relations exactly with Levant where some gifts had been exchanges between the kings. Also the cartouche of Amenemhet II had been found in Lebanon. It is appear that some improvements occured in some field like the economy or trade and agriculture.

Study Sources of Amenemhet II Period:

In fact there is less documents belong to the reign of Amenemhet II. Some of the historical annals of his reign found on parts of his buildings. From that important buildings which have rich with the historical information about Amenemhet II and other pharaohs found at Mit Rahina. That provided the shcolars with more things about Amenemhet's buldings and statues and the military expeditions also the trading expeditions to Egypt in his reign.

The name of Amenemhet II also were found on 4 boxes of bronze which found in Tod, also there ar some cups of silver of an Aegean origin.

Mistakes of Amenemhet II:

The scholars suggested that Amenemhet II have make big mistake when he depened on the nomarchs and the prime minister or his vizier, because those were basically the governors of the Egyptian provinces at this time, but he gave them more authority and great specifications. That made them have the title "king".

Buildings of Amenemhet II:

Some historians suggest theat Amenemhet didn't bult more buildings in his reign. The famous build is his pyramid which built it at Dahshure for unknown reasons.

Khnumhotep II:

The architect of Amenemhet II was Khnumhotep II, who presented more than one Service to the Pharaoh like building some monuments for Amenemhet II which had to be documented. This architect had the idea to exchange some text parts and words through the document. If this document would been stolen, the thief would not find the correct method to the treasure or the gold treasure.

Sphinx of Amenemhat IISphinx of Amenemhat II

Stadelman discovered famouse crime in the reign of Amenemhat II. That is his workmen had stolen stones on sledges from the pyramid of Sneferu, and used it as a vulgar quarry.

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