The Nineteenth Dynasty

After the death of Horemheb, the vizier of the former king, took the throne and adopt new name to himself "Rameses I", his old name is "Pramesse". The historians called his age with the nineteenth dynasty. The new pharaoh Rameses I was an old man, so his reign was very short and uncompleted. Although his short reign, Ramses I has the honor of establishment the nineteenth dynasty.

Seti I reign after the death of his father Rameses I, his age was building age beacause he reign for along time. Seti I was devoted to the God Osiris and he built especial temple to Osiris in Abydos. In that temple the scholars found complete list of all the pharaohs from the age of Narmer to the nineteenth dynasty, but the pharaohs of the period of Amarna city was not recorded in that list. The tomb of Seti I in the valley of the kings, It is one of the most beautiful tombs in ancient Egypt. His mummy is still one of the wonderful mummies found in Egypt.

Rameses II was succeeded by Seti I, his reign was very long, about 75 years. Ramses II or Ramses the great, was the most famous king in the world. He had wide spread famous in the past and nowadays because he was built more buildings like temples and tombs, also he reached with the borders of the Egyptian empire to Asia minor. He was a great warrior and he put the first treaty in the world between Egypt and the Hittite Empire. More about Ramses II.

After the death of Ramses I, his son Merneptah reign for short time, about 10 years only. Seti II (1199–1193 BC) succeed his father Merneptah, in his short age another king Amenmesse appears and asked the throne, perhaps Amenmesse reign in the same time with Seti II. Some historians suggested that Amenmesse divided Egypt with Seti II. In any way Siptah came to the throne after Amenmesse and Seti II, he maybe the son of Seti II, other scholars said that Siptah was the son of Amenmesse. Siptah had a bad deformity in his legs and he died resulted that. After the death of Siptah, the queen Tawosret, maybe the wife of Seti II, came to the throne.

The end of nineteenth dynasty was unknown for the scholars, maybe Tawosret was the last pharaoh of that dynasty, but the fact was lost from the history court. After the nineteenth dynasty, the throne turned to Setnakht, the first king in the dynasty 20, but the relations between Setnakht and the end of the nineteenth dynasty was unknown.