Amenhotep II

King Amenhotep II the son of Thutmosis IV. Amenhotep II came to the throne of Egypt at age 12 years and ruled for 38 years. During his reign, Egypt’s power and influence was drastically reduced. The Hatti (Hittites) attacked the Mitanni and seized Mitanni and Egyptian territorities The Mitanni repeatedly appealed to Egypt to fulfill its treaty obligations, but Egypt would not respond.

Amenhotep II

Cartouche of Amenhotep II:

You can see his cartouche on his crown (on the front of it), which the symbol of Tiy.

From 382 tablets discovered at Tell el-Amarna there were similar appeals from Labayu (Lion of Yahweh) king of Schechem and Abduheba on the throne of Jerusalem. They complain of the invading Habiru and demand that Egypt send military support.

Amenhotep II built no new temples or other monumental works. In fact, the only notable change during his reign was a growth in Egyptian art, an indication of looking inward, not that of an expanding empire.

Scholars believed that he was 44 years when he died.

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