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Ahhotep I (1560- 1530 BCE)

Ahhotep I (1560- 1530 BCE), Ancient Egyptian queen from the Seventeenth dynasty, Tao I was her father and Tetisheri was her mother. She is the wife and the sister of the pharaoh Tao II in the same time. It was believed that she was the mother of the Egyptian pharaohs Ahmose I and Kamose.

Some historians believed that Ahhotep I the founder of the dynasty 18. But no doubt that Ahmose Ebana was the founder of the dynasty, because he was drive out the Hyksos from the Egypt land.

She died in 1530BC after long life [about 90 years old], her tomb at Thebes beside Kamose in Aswan. Her tomb consist of fly and bracelets (three golden fly and and golden bracelets). Her tomb was discovered in 1859AD in Thebes near the Valley of the Kings [in Dra Abu el-Naga]. Her mummy found in bad affection in the coffin.

The coffin of Ahhotep IThe coffin of Ahhotep I

Queen Ahhotep's bracelet
Queen Ahhotep's bracelet

It was suggessted that Ahhotep I led the army against the Hyksos. That suggesst came from some weapons found with the jewelry in her tomb.

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