Tao I

Seventeenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt history located before the new kingdom and in the end of the Second Intermediate Period (1782–1570). There are three known pharaohs in the dynasty 17, Tao I, Tao II and Kamose (1573–1570). The first pharaoh of this dynasty is Tao I there little information about Tao I and his reign is obscure reign. Tao I was born in 1656 BC and died about 1580. It is said that he was the son of Intef VII (successor of Intef VI). Some scholars believed that Tao I was one of the family of Ahmose.

After the death of Tao I the throne went to his son Tao II. The historical sources was very miserly about the life and the reign of the pharaoh, and that maybe suggest that he ruled for a few months or one year just.

His tomb is unknown but it suggested that his tomb in Karnak.