Single Mastaba of Nebet and Khenut

Mastaba of Nebet
To the northwest of the Pyramid of King Unas is the big Double Mastaba of "Nebet" and "Khenut", Unas's wives, which earlier covered an area of 161ft/49m by 72ft/22m and stood 13 ft/4 metre high. Both tombs have the very ground plan and layout, reflecting the equal status of the two occupiers. Khenut's tomb, to the west, is much finished, but Nebet's is well kept and worth close inspection.

The entrance, on the southwest side, leads into an antechamber of some size, the walls of which are decorated with rests of the dead Queen navigation in a boat through the marshes, etc. To the left (westward) of this chamber is a spacious open court, without decoration, and straight on is a second, earlier, antechamber with highly unusual mural eases showing Nebet with servants bringing in food and sledges laden with great jars; one of the women of the serail is a dwarf. On the north wall, preceding the door, Nebet is read seated in front of votive oblations.