Tomb of Mereruka

Entrance of the tomb of Mereruka
Mereruka served King Teti (2323-2291 B.C.E.) as vizier, chief justice, and the executive program of Tetis cult personnel. The son of  the  noble  Nedjetempet,  Mereruka  married  Princess Sesheshet, also addressed  Idut. She  was  Tetis  daughter. His son was Meryteti. Mereruka made the royal tomb of Teti as part of his responsibilities as vizier.

Mererukas have tomb in Saqqara is  a  amazing monument, spread by his grand wife and son. The tomb contains more than thirty chambers and was designed as a vast mastab

Tomb of Mereruka
A serdab was likewise part of the design. Scenes of gardening, fishing, fowling, hunting, harp playing, scribes, spreads, pets, and dwarves cater historical data of the period.