The Twelfth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

Dated : 1991—1784

The chronology of the twelfth dynasty is the most fixed of any period ahead the New Kingdom. The Ramses Papyrus canon (1290 BC) in Turin passes about "213 years (1991–1778 BC)". Manetho express that it was established in Thebes, but from contemporary records it is clear that the first king gone its capital to a other city named "Amenemhat-itj-tawy" ("Amenemhat the Seizer of the Two Lands"), more just addressed Itjtawy. The location of Itjtaway has not been got, but is thought to be close the Faiyum, plausibly near the royal necropolises at el-Lisht. Egyptologists consider this dynasty to be the peak of the Middle Kingdom.

The order of its swayer is well noted from individual sources — two lists recorded at temples in Abydos and alone at Saqqara, as well as Manetho's work. A entered date during the dominate of Senusret III can be connected to the Sothic cycle, accordingly many cases through this dynasty can be ofttimes assigned to a specific year.

List of Twelfth Dynasty Kings: