Khafra (2558 - 2532 B.C.)

Statue of Khafra
King Khafra, different son of king Khufu, followed his brother to the throne and built his mortuary complex at Giza.

Associate the 4th Dynasty, Egyptian civilization reached a peak in its development, and this high level was generally maintained in the 5th and 6th dynasties The splendor of the engineering feats of the pyramids was approximated in every other domain of endeavor, including architecture, grave, painting navigation, the industrial arts and sciences, and astronomy; Memphite astronomers first created a solar calendar based on a year of 365 days- Old Kingdom physicians also exposed a remarkable cognition of physiology, surgery, the circulative system of the body, and antiseptics.

The pyramid of king Khafra:

The pyramid of Khafra
The pharaoh called Khafre (pyramid 143.50 meters high = 3157.000000 twelfths of a cubit = 3157 months) lived 263 years and 1 calendar month.

The pyramids of Khafra and Menkara were constructed on a different plan inside to that of Khufu. Khafra's had two catches, both to the north, one from the platform ahead the pyramid, the other 50 feet above the ground. king Menkara still preserves the remains of its case of red granite. The entrance passing descends at an angle of twenty-six degrees, and soon meets the rock.


The first chamber is decorated with panels carved in the stone, and was involved at the further end by three portcullises of granite. The second chamber appears to be unfinished, but this was a trap to delude the spoilers. A passage cut in the floor, and cautiously hidden, gave access to a lower chamber. There lay the mummy in a sarcophagus of sliced basalt. The sarcophagus was still perfect at the beginning of this century. Taken thence by Colonel Howard Vyse, it foundered on the Spanish coast with the ship which was holding it to England.

The Sphinx:

The Sphinx of Giza
The Sphinx: a huge, limestone statue that stands about 66 ft [20 meters] high and stretches 240 feet [73 meters]. It is actually called the “Great Sphinx,” and it wears an ancient Egyptian royal headdress. The Great Sphinx lies near the tomb or pyramid of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh King Khafre. Historians conceive King Khafra had the monument established and its face is really a portrait of the king.


How to travel to the pyramid of Khafra?

If you are in a holidays or vacation to Egypt,  and then you are in Cairo you can travel there bye any Taxi, car or by Metro. But if you are in Luxor or Aswan Egypt you can go to Giza where the pyramid found by air or by train.