Goddess Amunet

Goddess Amunet name
Goddess Amunet was the wife of God Amun in the creation myth of the Ogdoad. Goddess Amunet and her husband described hiddenness.  Mythology  tells  us  that  Amunet  and Amun  resided  in  the  darkness  and  chaos  of  the  primordial water. Amunet is a symbol of protection and one of the creation goddesses. Her rites were corresponding the pharaohs jubilee fete, and during the later Greek mastery of Egypt (332-32 b.c.), she is shown nurturing  the  king  during  his  coronation  ceremonial. Amunet is sometimes shown as a goddess wearing a crown of Lower Egypt. Her place of importance was for the most part  taken over by Mut, Amuns wife during the New Kingdom (1550-1069 b.c.). However, there is a statue of Amunet in Karnak Temple.