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Goddess Wadjet
Goddess Wadje was a Cobra-goddess of Buto (Tell el-Farain)  in  the  Nile  Delta, restorer of royal authority over Northern Egypt. Wadjet is described as a cobra rearing  up  to  strike  with  lethal  force  any enemy of the king. She can also come out as a lioness in her part as Eye of Ra (compare Sekhmet and Tefnut). Her name (also base in Egyptological literature as Edjo or Uto) means green one, a quotation both to a serpents colour and to the Delta's papyrus deluges which, according to one of the Pyramid Texts, she created.

Goddess Wadjet (the  fire cobra)
She is the protective goddess of Lower Egypt and is symbolised as such by a title in the royal protocol . The major Delta shrine, the Per-nu, is under her protection. Wadjet is in harmoniousness with her southeastern counterpart Nekhbet in temples or tombs she can oftentimes be seen with the good body or just the flies of the vulture-goddess of Upper Egypt.

In the fable of the breeding of the young Horus in Khemmis in the Delta it  is Wadjet  who  is  his  entertain  leading  to a later designation with Isis. Along with different other leonine deities she is given the  comparatively  unnoticeable  role  of mother to the God Nefertum.

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