Goddess Nephthys

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Goddess Nephthys
Goddess Nephthys was the ancient Egyptian goddess, called the accord and female counterpart to Set, earlier addressed as Nebt-het, she was the  sister of Isis, Osiris, and  Set and  tricked Osiris into siring her son, Anubis. When Osiris was executed, Nephthys  aided  Isis in getting  his body  and resurrecting him. She was  part of the worshipped (mournings of Isis and Nephthys).

Nephthys was a patronne of the dead and was associated as well with the cult of God Min. She was also a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis. The  goddess  took  the form of a kite, a bird displayed in funerary processions, and she was the patroness of God Hapi, one of the Canopic Jar guardians. Her cult at Kom-Mer in Upper Egypt continued passim all historical periods. She was called the Lady  of  the  Mansions  or  the  Lady  of  the  Books.  She was also identified with the desert realms and was expert in magic. Nephthys is showed as a woman hard the hieroglyph for Castle on her head.

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