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Goddess Bastet
Goddess Bastet was a goddess of ancient Egypt, whose Theophany was the cat, Bastets cult substance was at Bubastis. She was the defender of pregnant women and was a pleasance loving goddess who didst  as  the  patronne of music and dance. Bastet was also believed to protect men from diseases and ogres. The goddess was seen the prosopopoeia of the white rays of the sun on the Nile. She was usually represented as a woman with a cats head, holding a Sistrum and the symbolisation of life, the Ankh.

The goddess remained popular throughout  Egypt even to Roman sentences. Her festivals at  Bubastis  were between the most well-attended solemnizations in Egypt. People set out in festooned lighters, and music attended all who made the pilgrimage to her shrine.  The festival was a time of jokes as well as another shown period of drunkenness. A gigantic parade culminated the festivity, and on that day few Egyptians were sober. Shrines of the gods were erected in Rome, Pompeii, Nemi, and Ostia.

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