Inyotef I

Hieroglyphic Name:
King Inyotef I Hieroglyphic Name

Name: Inyotef I or Intef I and Sehertawy

The serekh of King
Inyotef I
Inyotef I or Sehertawy (died about 2118 B.C.E.) was the founder of the 11th Dynasty Called  the  Elder.  He  prevailed  from  2134  B.C.E. until  his death. King Inyotef I was the son of Montuhotep I, genetic military problems in a time of unrest. With his capital at Thebes, Inyotef I leaded off to attack engaged nomes and the cities of koptos, dendereh, and Herakleopolis, the properties  of  competition  clans.  Uniting  the  nomes  of  Upper Egypt, he persisted clear of the Ninth and Tenth Dynasties, contemporaries that held particular realms in the north. Inyotef I was sank at Dar-Abu El-Naga, Saff el-Dawaba, in Thebes. His mortuary craze was conducted by his replacements.