Inyotef II

Hieroglyphic Name:
Inyotef II Hieroglyphic Name

Name: Inyotef II or Intef II and Wahankh Inyotef

Stella of Inyotef II
Inyotef II (2118-2069), likewise named Wahankh Inyotef , 3rd king of the 11th dynasty (2081-1938 bce) in ancient Egypt, who during his long reign successfully warred against the friends of the Heracleopolitansrulers of Middle and Lower Egypt writing the 9th and 10th dynasties (see ancient Egypt: The First Intermediate period).

In 2065 bce, Inyotef II succeeded his father, who had been a powerful nomarch of Thebes, and gathered the five south nomes (administrative districts) of Upper Egypt under his leadership. Inyotef II went his reign with a driving thrust northwest; his tomb inscription suggests that he extended his kingdom by seduction, thus acquiring one very serious area Abydos, in the Thinite nome, the chief religious centre (sacred to Osiris) of the Middle Kingdom and the home of the earlier kings of a united Egypt. After a made reign of 50 years, Inyotef was sank in a tomb in westerly Thebes. Inyotefs funerary temple there takes a stela rendering him with five of his favourite tags.