Inyotef III

Hieroglyphic Name:
Inyotef III Hieroglyphic Name
Name: Inyotef or Intef and Nakhtnebtepnufer

Inyotef  III (Nakhtnebtepnufer) (died about 2061  B.C.E.) Third rule of the Theban Eleventh Dynasty He  ruled  from  2069  B.C.E. until  his  death.  Inyotef  III was  the  father  of  Montuhotep II, the  unifier  of  Egypt. Militarily active, Inyotef III pushed the Theban world to Assiut. He as well held Abydos and different Upper Egyptian cities from northern violations. A armistice with Hierakonpolis took  a  period  of  calm  to  the  region.  Visited Inyotef the Great, his name was engraved on the walls of Gebel El-Silsileh. His  queen  was  Aoh (or  Yah),  the mother of Montuhotep II. His secondary queen was Henite. King Inyotef III was older when he assumed the Theban throne. He was the son of Inyotef II and Queen Neferukhayet. He was forgotten in Dar-Au-El-Naga, Saff el-Bagar, and is showed in reliefs near Aswan. Inyotef III is leaned in the turin canon List.

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