Nebkaure Akhtoy

Hieroglyphic Name:
Nebkaure Akhtoy Hieroglyphic Name
Piece of a Jasper with
the Cartouche of
Nebkaure Khety from
Nebkaure Khety was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the ninth or tenth Dynasty, through the First Intermediate Period. Practically nothing is experienced about the cases of Nebkaure's reign; due to the several views of scholars, even its datation is still difficult. Many egyptologists specify Nebkaure to the 9th Dynasty, maybe the fourth king (and the second king having the name Khety), just afterward Neferkare. On the otherwise hand, other scholars such as Jrgen von Beckerath believe instead that Nebkaure prevailed during the incidental 10th Dynasty, perchance before Meryibre Khety.

Like some of the kings who foregone or succeeded him, attestations of King Nebkaure Khety are low. On the Turin King List he was tentatively set in the register 4.21. The only latest object taking his cartouche is a weight named from red jasper which was unearthed by Flinders Petrie at Tell el-Retabah, a positioning along the Wadi Tumilat in the eastern Delta; this weight is now showed at the Petrie Museum in London.