God Amenhotep Son of Hapu

God Amenhotep
Amenhotep son of Hapu was natural in the Nile delta past in the prevail of King Thutmose III. Hapu ,his father,  was a lower. Amenhoteps first famous official situation was royal scribe. He was thus an shape of the Egyptian belief that education was the key to running up in society. Eventually, he grown Chief of All the Kings Works in the reign of King Amenhotep III (1390-1352 B.C.E. ). In this situation he overseen enormous building projects. These projects took add-on at the Karnak temple, the first degree of the Luxor temple, and the kings mortuary temple in western Thebes, the largest ever established. Afterwards his death, Amenhotep son of Hapu was deified and considered a preventive god.