God Hapi

God Hapi of the Southand North Egypt
Canopic Jar of Hapi (the baboon)
God Hapi the baboon headed son of Horus maintained the lungs of the went and was in turn saved by the goddess Nephthys. The spelling of his name admits a hieroglyphic which is thought to be linked with guidance a boat, although its exact nature is not experienced. For this ground he was sometimes connected with piloting, although early addresses call him the great runner: "You are the great offset; come, that you may join up my father N and not be extended in this your name of Hapi, for you are the greatest of my children  so says Horus" In Spell 151 of the Book of the Dead Hapi is given the been words to say: "I have come to be your protection. I have held your head and your branches for you. I have smitten your enemies below you for you, and given you your head, evermore". Spell 148 in the Book of the Dead directly associates all four of Horus's sons, named as the four pillars of Shu and one of the  four rudders of heaven, with the four important points of the compass. Hapi was affiliated  with  the north.