God Amun

God Amun
In the Pyramid texts he  is  already  observed  as  a  primeval god,  in  association  with  his  wife Amaunet. In Old Egyptian view he was the moving agent in the obscure breeze; thus he was venerated as deity of the wind and  ruler  of  the  air.  From  the  11th dynasty onwards he is attested as god of Thebes. Here, he coalesces with the sun God Ra to become Amun-Re, and, as Thebes  increased  in  power,  he  grown king of the gods and tutelary deity of the empire. In his content as earlier deity of creation  he  is  venerated  in  the  shape  of a goose; otherwise, the ram is his dedicated animal, a reference to his function as god of  fertility.  After  the  flow  of  Thebes  his cult flied high in Ethiopia and among the oasis inhabitants Ammon.

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