God Dedun

God Dedun on the left side crowning Tuthmose II
God Dedun was an Egyptian god, lord and  giver  of  cense. To  the  monarch, Dedun  gets the  peoples and riches  of southwest lands. He was usually portrayed in human guise, but, like  Arsnuphis, he could as well assume the form of a lion.

God Dedun was good by King Tuthmosis III (1479-1425 B.C.E.) of the 18th Dynasty, Tuthmosis developed a temple at Semna for the worship of Dedun, apparently  designated  as  a  testimonial  to  pacify  the  local  inhabitants  and  to  establish  a  resonance  with  the  region.  The temple  also  served  as  a  repository  to  the  troops  of  the noted  Medjay during  the  conflict  with  the  Asiatics  in Egypt Delta.