God Thoth

God Thoth Hieroglyphic Name
God Thoth

God Thoth, the god of wisdom was one of the most essential gods of Egyptian deities. Thoth likewise knew as Djehuty and Tehuti. He is the god of writing, cognition, time, fantasy, speaking, designs and moon. Moreover he involved in arbitration, magic and the judgement of the dead. Thoth was said to be the son of Ra and different said he was self created along with the goddess Maat. His visual aspect shown as a man with the head of ibis, belongings a writing pallet in his hand. He also sometimes showed as an ibis, baboon, dog with baboon head, deity of balance and makes of Shu or Ankher and more such. He is often seen enduring a lunar disk and elliptical on his head or the Atef crown. Full this forms symbolise the properties of Thoth.

The Secret Of The world with Thoth
The ancient Egyptians knew Thoth as the discoverer of writing and were considered to have been the scriber of the Hall of Judgement. The Book of the Dead was published by him. He is the artificer of the hieroglyphs, which the Egyptians called medju-netjer, Words of the Gods. He was thought as the lingua or heart of Ra. Thoth also known as the guardian of writers, mathematicians, scribes, teacher and whoever propagating and handling knowledge.

He taken many roles in the world of deities and like many other Egyptian gods Thoth likewise has many titles much as Lord of Maat, Lord of Divine Words, Judge of the Two Combatant Gods, Twice Great, Thrice Great, 3 Times Great, Great and more. Thoth concerned all major scenes taking the gods, most especially at Hall of Judgement. He is also the essential counselor for other gods. Thoth was wanted widely throughout all of Egypt and his cult center was established at Khemenu in Hermopolis. His festival Lord of Heavens was celebrated on the New Year.