God Apophis

God Apophis Hieroglyphic Name
God Apophis (the snake)

God Apophis was a giant  serpent  with secret  powers  who  was  the  opposition  of  the  God Ra. Apophis was in the waters of Nun, the cosmogonical domain of chaos, or in the ethereal waters of the Nile, the divine  entity  envisioned  in  Egyptian  religious  texts.  He tried each day to stop R from his firm passage through the sky. In some traditions, Apophis was a last  form  of  Ra  that  had  been  discarded,  a  myth  that reported for the strength of the creature. Apophis was taken for to be a sound threat to R by the Egyptians. On  sunless  days,  especially  on  stormy  days,  the  people took  the  lack  of  sunlight  as  a  sign  that  Apophis  had immersed R and his solar boat. Apophis never got a lasting  victory,  however,  because  of  the  prayers  of  the priests and the close. The ritual document, the Book of  Overriding Apophis,  and  the  Book  of  Knowing How  Ra  Came  into  Being  and  How  to  Upset Apophis were learned in Karnak, and in the Papyrus Bremner-Rhind,  and  contained  a  list  of  the  serpents secret names that would wound him if recited aloud and a selection of hymns to be sung to keep Ra victories. A serials  of  terrible  assaults  were  invested  upon Apophis apiece time the serpent was killed, but he rose in strength  that  observing  morning,  an  image  of  evil always made to attack the righteous. Apophis was the prosopopoeia of dark and evil.