God Sia

God Sia, one of ancient Egyptian gods, was the deification of percept in the Heliopolitan Ennead cosmogeny and is probably equivalent to the intellectual energies of the heart of Ptah in the Memphite cosmogeny. He also had a connexion with writing and was oftentimes shown in anthropomorphic form holding a papyrus scroll. This papyrus was opinion to embody intellectual achievements. It was said that Atum created the two deities Sia and Hu from his blood spilled while cutting his own penis, a possible reference to circumcision.

Sia appeared regular on the Solar barge during its journey over the night in New Kingdom Hades texts and tomb decorations, together with Hu, the "creative utterance," and Heka, the deity of magic. These deities were seen as some powers assisting the creator, and although deity Heka had his individual cult Sia did not.