God Kherty

God Kherty (or Cherti meaning "Lower one") was an ancient Egyptian earth deity and a god of the Scheol who sailed the boat which carried the decased on their past journey. He was linked with Aken, and may have been discovered as an face of that god at one time. Yet, he was also an uncertain god who both held the pharaohs tomb and open the Pharaoh on his journey into the Scheol. It was thought that Ra, the sun god, himself had to interfere to check the kings rubber.

God Kherty was shown as a ram or a man with the head of a tup (representing the "Ba" or individual). His craze center was in Leotopolis, and he may have been the source of narrative of other pretend ferrymen - particularly Charon from Greek mythology. He was especially prominent during the Old Kingdom when he was meant to share the find of the underworld with Osiris. He ruled over the entry to the underworld and the chambers running to the Halls of Maat while Osiris felt over the lands of the blessed dead who passed the tribulations and were prooved to be worthy. He was also connected with Khnum, mostly because he took the form of a Ram.