God Horus

God Horus
God Horus was one of the earliest ancient Egyptian gods, although until the Greek Period he was visited Hor. In fact, beliefs about Horus and the names by which he was famous varied widely looking on local traditions. Sometimes the deity was experienced as Horus the Elder, or Hor-Wer in ancient Egyptian, a power of good battling evil. He was likewise Horus of Gold, or Hor-Nubti, undoer of the heavy god Seth; Horus of the Horizon, or Har-akhtes, a sun deity who grown part of the solar God Ra as Re-Horakhty; or Harsiesis,  or  Hor-sa-iset,  featured  in mythology as the young son of the goddess Isis. In some myths he was taken  the  son  of  the  goddess  Hathor instead. Worshipped as Horus the Behdetite at a enshrine in Edfu, he was a falcon deity who transformed into a smart sun disk. Elsewhere he was Horus, the Uniter of the 2 Lands, or Horu-Sema-Tawy, who after shelling the evil god Seth united Egypt within himself as king on earth and the god Osiris as king of the divine realm. Thus Egypts kings were sometimes called the physical manifestation of Horus while they were living and of Osiris after they died.

From leastways as early as the 1st Dynasty, Horus was linked with Egypts kings. At that time they leaded off using his name as one of their royal titles and his main symbol, the falcon, as the symbol for kingship. Hence Horus was oftentimes called  the  protector  of  the  king  yet though he was also said to be the king in physical form. Because of this association, the king played the part of Horus in certain fetes and rites.

As a major deity in the Egyptian pantheon, Horus is the subject of some myths. One of these mythsfound in the Chester Beatty Papyrus I and going steady from the Twentieth Dynasty reign of Ramses V tells of a conflict between Horus and his uncle, Seth. The two go before the romance of the gods, presided over by the god Ra, and each argues that he deserves to win Osiris as the living king of Egypt.  Seth  claims  this  right  as  the brother of Osiris, even though he was likewise his murderer, while Horus claims it as Osiriss son and heir. (In other myths, Horus is Osiriss buddy.) The gods consider both lines and begin arguing among themselves, some reading that Seth would make a improved king because of his more advance age and strength and his fierceness; others favor Horus for his goodness and honor and his place as Osiriss son. Afterwards much debate, the gods adjourn without taking a conclusion.

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