God Wepwawet

Wepwawet present scepters to King Seti I
God Wepwawet was a jackal-like funerary deity, whose name means "opener of the ways". Unlike Anubis, who was also jackal-like, Wepwawet was shown with a gray or white head. This takes some to consider that he may have primitively been associated with the wolf. Through the 12th Dynasty, Wepwawet was superseded by Khentyamentiu, a mummiform god, as the deity of the Abydos necropolis and then in the end by Osiris himself. deity Wepwawet was the nome deity for the 13th nome of Upper Egypt, which the Greeks named "Lycopolis" (Wolf City).

The role of God Wepwawet was to protect and lead the broken through the Underworld (thus his name). He also companied the king while hunting and while in this capacity was addressed "the one with the strong arrow who is more severe than the gods." Wepwawet was besides thought of as a messenger and the best of royalty. Like Shu, he was stated to be "the one who has separated the sky from the earth."