God Shezmu

The grape pressing, closely
linked to the cult of Shesmu,
on the walls of Nakht's tomb
God Shezmu was the Violent  god of wine and unguent-oil promotes. Shezmu is a divinity with a double personality  who  can  both  present  cruelty  and provide  benefits.  These  contrasts  are apparent as early as the Pyramid Era and coexist down to the Roman period. He is normally  envisaged  as  hominid but in the older period of Egyptian civilization  a  lion-iconography  of  this  deity goes more popular. In the spell in the Old Kingdom pyramids where the king draws extra divine strength  by  eating  tried  deities  and powerful beings, it is Shezmu as butcher who issues them up and makes them for the monarch  on  the  evening  hearth  stones. Also in the Pyramid Texts he brings the king  grape  juice  for  wine  production. There is evidence from a bowl found near the Step Pyramid that at this clip Shezmu already had a priesthood. By the Middle Kingdom  his  fad  had  went  well tried in the Faiyum.

From  the  Coffin  Texts  there  is  the living  image  of  an  Scheol  demon who squeezes out heads like grapeshots and who  lassoes  sinners  for  the  slaughter-block. A Fantastic Papyrus (Dynasty XXI) describes this vengeful aspect of the wine-press  god  by  display  two  hawk deities twisting the net of the wine fight which  takes  three  human  heads rather  of  grapes  and  explains  to  the Egyptian  brain  the  red  beam  of  the  sky after old.