God Yam

It has indicated that the Sea looking in the tale is a god imported from Syria-Palestine, the god Yam. This designation is harder to support. It may be close that the goddess Astarte and perhaps also the god Yam was used by an Egyptian author because she fit the wants of the tale. If this is true, like the divinities of the Hittite Elkunirsha myth, she rnay be displaying the very device characteristics that she displayed in Syria-Palestine,. but she may as well have been redesigned for an Egyptian audience. It is also viable that "The S ea does not even mention to Yam. but even if it does. the bossibililv of large licence again arises. Since this rnythological rag of a story controls clear references to Egyptian religious traditions (the Ennead, Ptah, and Nut), the narrative is less be-like to have had a Syro Palestinian blood than the Elkunirsha shard.