God Khonsu

God Khonsu Hieroglyphic Name
God Khonsu
God Khonsu is an Ancient Egyptian god whose great role was linked with the moon. His name agency "traveller" and this may pertain to the nightly travel of the moon crosswise the sky. Along with Thoth he big the passage of time. Khonsu was stabilizing in the existence of new life in good living creatures. At Thebes he worked part of a family triple with Mut as his mother and Amun as his father. He was precious as son of Sobek and Hathor at Kom Ombo.

The name (Khonsu) ponders the fact that the Moon (mentioned to as Iah in Egyptian) travels crosswise the night sky, for it implies traveller, and also had the deeds "Pathfinder and Defender", as he was thinking to watch long-term travelers. As the deity of light in the night, Khonsu was provoked to protect against wild animals, increase male manliness, and to aid with healing. It was very that when Khonsu induced the crescent moon to shine, women conceived, cattle grown fertile, and all nostrils and every throat was full with fresh air. Khonsu can also be read to good king's placenta, and consequently in early times, he was thought to slay the enemies of the pharaoh, and extract their viscera for the pharaoh's use, metaphorically creating something resembling a placenta for the pharaoh. This bloody aspect tips him to be concerned to, in untold as the Pyramid texts, as  the  (one  who)  lives  on  hearts.  He  too  became  related  with  more  literal  placentas,  proper  seen  as  a exaltation of the royal placenta, and thus a deity taken with accouchement.

Temple of God Khonsu at Karnak
The Great Temple of God Khonsu was built in the precinct of the temple of Karnak. It was started by King Ramses III, in the New Kingdom but extended by a number of later swayer. There were 3 shrines devoted to specific facets of the god in Karnak and Thebes.